About Us

You are in the best of hands. ANTICOVID GEL gives you more than just disinfection.


Tea Tree Oild 100% Natural -  Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree oil supplied from Australia is a guaranteed natural product which thanks to its antibacterial nature has a positive effect on a variety of skin problems. It is clear that Tea Tree destroys bacteria but on top of that it helps the skin restore its normal bacterial balance. In high concentrations from 0,25 % to 8 % it destroys all harmful bacteria. But even in concentrations lower than 0,1 % it protects from the Candia Albicans - a widespread yeast infection which can infest skin, mucous membrane, urethra and intestines.

Hemp Seed, Virgin, Cold Pressed Oild - Cannabis Sativa  

100% pure, unrefined cold pressed oil has the highest quality and is grown in the UK. This crop is acquired from hemp which has many advantages for cosmetics and food. The cold pressed cannabis oil is well known for containing GLA, Omega 3 and 6 and Vitamin E. The oil contained in the gel is, thanks to its noncomedogenic properties, ideal for balancing and intense hydration of your hands. 



“PRVNÍ MORAVSKÁ OBCHODNÍ” believes in the strength of nature which it connects with the latest discoveries in the commercial research and esthetic dermatology. With the help of state of the art technology we make protective gels of the highest grade. 



We cooperate exclusively with a group of a few Czech companies and universities, which obtained a special permission from The Ministry of Health to manufacture the main solution, in accord with the specifications of the WHO (World Health Organization). We do not import nameless disinfections, we do not buy gels from Asia, and that way we provide a guaranteed protection of your health, which you need so much in these difficult times. Our team formulates the solution with antiseptic oils in BIO quality into proper packages, which contribute to your comfort and make travels easier. We have also remembered your children for whom you can use gels from our KIDS product line.



Complex approach and maximum focus on quality. These are the points which guarantee a clear origin of all the substances we use. Analysis of our products, if needed, is conducted by certified external laboratories, which have been granted the certificate of Český institut pro akreditaci (Czech Accreditation Institute), and which guarantee the quality and origin of our products.



We store and pack all our products so that we preserve maximum potency and quality of the active agents. That way we protect the ingredients from UVA / UVB light, preserve nature and manufacture without excess waste.