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This Return policy amends the method and conditions for returning defective goods bought via the online store ANTICOVID GEL from our company: PRVNI MORAVSKA OBCHODNI a.s. with residence in Příkop 843/4, 60200 Brno-Zábrdovice; Company registration number: 47677236; VAT identification number: CZ47677236; registered in the Companies House 7929 B by the Regional court in Brno; Delivery address: PRVNI MORAVSKA OBCHODNI A.S. Příkop 843/4; 60200 Brno-Zábrdovice; Phone: +420 606 949 963; Email:


1. What defects on the goods are we responsible for?

As seller we vouch the goods has no defects during handover. That means during handover that the goods:

  • has the qualities which have been agreed on between us, which we describe or which you could have expected regarding the nature of the goods
  • is in proper amount, size or weight
  • it meets the requirements of legal regulations
  • the goods is suitable for the purpose we propose, or the one the purchased goods is normally used for
  • as defect can also be considered a situation in which we deliver different goods than that which has been arranged
  • the goods has no legal defect, i.e. no other third person has ownership rights to the goods and it is accompanied by documents required for proper use of the goods.

If you are not a consumer, the legal warranty according to the Article 2 is not granted to you. Article 2 only applies to the consumer. In the case a defect occurs in dependence on any of our responsibilities, you are entitled to the rights from defective performance nonetheless. As a defect cannot be considered a difference in shade of colour on electronic display devices and in reality. If the goods does not comply with how you have imagined it, you have, in the case you are the buyer, the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from accepting the goods based on serious grounds which are justifiable for withdrawal from the contract.

You cannot ask for replacement of the goods in the case in which a replacement would not be adequate to the nature of the occured defect. In such case you have the right for a free-of-charge elimination of the defect. The right for replacement of the goods is also not granted to you in the cases when only a part of the goods is defective (e.g. packaging or label). Replacement of the goods also cannot be demanded in the case of goods sold for a lower price. Instead, you can demand an adequate discount.


2. When cannot the rights arising from defective performance be exercised?

The rights from defective performance cannot be granted to you if:

  • you knew about the defect before accepting the goods
  • you caused the defect yourself; or
  • the warranty has expired

Warranty and liability claims for the defects also do not apply for:

  • wearing of the goods by its regular use (as wearing caused by use is considered also damaging the label, repeated opening and using lids or dosage devices);
  • things sold for a lower price – only in relation to the defect for which the lower price was arranged; or
  • it is given the nature of the thing


3 What is the procedure for dealing with complaints?

Make your complaint to us (or the person who is in the confirmation of the duration of rights from defective performance) without undue delay from discovering the defect. In accordance with the consumer protection law we accept complaints in our main office in which acceptance of complaint is possible with regard to the assortment of the sold goods with the person who will contact you after receiving the complaint and will be stated as the person designated to sorting out the complaint.


Suggested procedure for dealing with the complaint

As the moment of application of the complaint is considered the moment when the occurrence of a defect and the liability claim for defect of the sold goods was reported to us. For a faster settlement you need to inform us about the complaint in advance only by email or a letter. Additionally it is convenient to inform us which right from defective performance have you selected, i.e. if you are interested, in accordance with this return policy, in repairing the thing, replacing the goods, discount from the retail price, or other right in accordance with this return policy and the Civil code. You will send us the goods for replacement (not COD which we do not accept), for which we suggest packing the goods in a proper packaging so that it won’t get damaged or destroyed. To make the procedure easier, it is advisable to enclose a proof of purchasing the goods or an invoice, if it had been issued, or another document which proves you purchasing the goods, along with description of the defect and a proposed method of dealing with the complaint.

It is necessary that you refer to the carrier at the very moment of unpacking the goods discovering the defect and resolve the complaint with him. If you do not comply with this condition the complaint cannot be accepted. All the responsibility shifts in the moment of handover onto the consumer or entrepreneur who becomes, according to the transport conditions of the carriers, the owner of the goods. The procedure and dealing with complaints between commercial entities abides by the applicable legal provision. Failure to comply with one of the steps above or failure to deliver any of the above mentioned documents does not   prevent the complaint from being successful, in accordance with the legal requirements.

We make the decision regarding the complaint immediately, in complicated cases within three days. This period does not include the time adequate to the type of the product or services which is needed for professional assessment of the defect. The complaint including eliminating the defect will be resolved without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the day of filing the complaint, unless we agree on a longer period.

For the complaint we will give you a written confirmation of when you exercised the right, what is the subject of the complaint and what method of dealing with the complaint you ask for; and subsequently (after the complaint has been dealt with) we will give you a confirmation of the date and method of dealing with the complaint, including the confirmation of repair and its duration, or the reasons for refusal of the complaint. In accordance with the Civil code you are entitled to a compensation of the expenses used effectively for making the complaint. Bear in mind that the right for this compensation has to be exercised within one month from expiration of the period during which it is necessary to point out the defect.

This Return policy is valid and effective from 01.01.2020.